The new end of the road (note hole in road on right which I thought was the reason for the road closure)

The major washout 400 yards farther up the road

Looking downhill off the edge of the road.  Can this road be rebuilt?

The predominant green along the 1.5 mile walk on the road

The parking lot on May 25, 2007

Roxie took a lot of coaxing to get over this spot in the damaged bridge

The trail up the hillside was sometime bare, and sometimes covered like this.

On the ridge

Looking north

Looking south (the logs completely buried)

Looking north again

The lake being photographed via cell phone

A bare part near the base of hillside

11 year old Roxie was worn out from all her work, and hobbled slowly down the road, stopping often.

A freshly burned out truck on the road up (not there three weeks ago).