Day 3

Union Island



The Tobago Cays - If we had a 90 foot yacht, this would be one place we'd hang out.


We had been fortunate to find a place near the airport called Peach and Quiet.  It's normally booked up far in advance, but due to a cancellation we were able to book the room for a night before leaving on our trip.    We liked the location because we needed to be at the airport the following morning at 6 am, and at this point we were happy to hang out and relax.   Peach and Quiet has no TVs and no phones or AC, but it's on the ocean with a pool, and the owners and guests are remarkably friendly.   The cost per night for this clean, cute room (Guava) without an ocean view was $89, which by Barbados standards is free.   We ended up eating lunch and dinner here, and it was the perfect place to spend our final 18 hours before departure.






































Dave and Elaine Naysmith: really nice people from New Jersey with whom we talked for a couple of hours on our final night.


5:30 am Barbados Full Moon at Dawn


Where we sat the previous night, watching the stars while talking


Looking west over the north end of Mercer Island toward downtown Seattle and Puget Sound.  (Lighted MIHS soccer field on left.)

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