Day 2

The Geniuses of the Roti Den



We drove east from Holetown, intending to cross to the east coast.   Wandering across the top of the island was fascinating.   These kids had a great view to the south toward populated end of the island.


We reached the one of the highest points in the center of the island, and were able to look off to the northeast to the Atlantic.


One of many of a wide variety of scenes in the backcountry of Barbados.


We reached the east coast.



Libby took this photo of an old church in a village south of Bathsheba.


We loved this little town of Bathsheba.


Looking back from a few miles north of Bathsheba, and a couple of mile west as we climb back up onto the highlands of Barbados.



The following morning we took a swim at the beach below the Angler, before heading to the airport for the next stage of our journey.


Looking north to over Barbados Leaving  Barbados airspace
Looking up the West Coast where many nice resorts are located (as well as the Angler Apts.)


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